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Get Immediate Response for Cervical Spine Surgery in India from Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

The cervical spine surgery in India is a world class procedure offered at quite affordable prices. Also the cervical spine success rate in India is quite higher. You can get immediate respone for the cervical spine surgery from Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants. We have association with the best hospitals across India that are equipped with excellent infrastructure and ensures the best quality control due to JCI accreditations. India has non-existent waiting period for cervical spine surgery. Moreover the communication is quite easy with the English speaking doctors and medical staff.

Cervical spine surgery procedure

The cervical spine surgery treatment is mainly done through two procedures: decompression and fusion. Decompression with fusion cervical spine surgery entails removing the tissues that are pressing against the spinal cord or nerves resulting in pain or other problems surgically. The approach for the surgery can be either from the front or back of the spine depending where the tissue is being compressed. There are seven steps to the procedure and the operation generally takes about one to three hours.

During the cervical surgery procedure, the patient is anesthetised. 2-inch length incisions are made on the right side or the left side of the neck. The way is then paved by retracting and moving the muscles, trachea, oesophagus, and other structures anatomically in the way to aid in the instrumentation for the procedure. Using a fluoroscope and a thin needle, the damaged disc is located. The surgical instruments are introduced into the space to retract the adjacent discs and then spread them apart. Then the damaged disc which is the reason for pain is removed thereby decompressing the nerve. The bone spurs compressing the nerves are then removed and the foramen carrying the spinal nerve is enlarged with a procedure known as foraminotomy.

The spinal cord is decompressed by the removal of the disc annulus and nucleus. Then the preparations are done for bone graft fusion. The bone graft is shaped properly and introduced into the space between the vertebrae. The graft is kept in place with the metal plates and screws. Instead of fusion or graft, an artificial disc replacement into the disc space can also be done and then the incisions are closed and dressed.

Cost in India

The cost in India for the cervical spine surgery is very less about 60-80% less as compared to the medical treatments being performed in the developed countries like the US. The following table gives you a fair idea of the cost comparison for cervical surgery in India.

Cost in United States (US$)
Cost in India (US$)
Cervical Spine Surgery

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Looking for Low Cost Liberation Treatment in India, Connect with Us Now


Liberation treatment is a treatment procedure for multiple sclerosis. Liberation treatment is also named as CCSVI or ZAMBONI. This is a modern method of treating multiple sclerosis. Liberation Treatment in India is affordable and offered at some of the best hospitals and performed under highly experienced doctors. This surgical procedure is discovered by Dr. Paolo Zamboni while attempting to cure his wife from her MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Cost of liberation treatment in India is affordable as compared to other countries.

Why it is necessary?

The treatment for this disease is necessary because brain function becomes severely affected. In this condition the waste tainted blood gets accumulated in the brain and leaves iron deposits in the cells that lead to cell degeneration. Liberation treatment is designed to clear the blockages from the venal system. Liberation treatment is performed to correct the vascular intervention intends to free the flow of blood from the brain. It is easier to have vein stenosis because of the pliant nature of the vein.

Cost of Liberation Treatment in India:

Cost of liberation treatment in India is affordable as compared to other countries. The cost of liberation treatment in India is 4000$ while in USA it is of 12000$. One can plan their medical treatment at affordable cost and get attractive packages for their treatment in India.


  • You will get to see the most personalized kind of care. The health care service in India gives the best of the health care services.
  • Hospitals in India have the best medical panel, caring staff, pleasing atmosphere and healthy surrounding which can help the patients to recover fast.
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