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Do you recognize the 13 early signs of Brain Tumor in Children?


Is your child suffering from any substandard seizures or coordination? If yes, your kid would be suffering from brain tumour. The brain is a vital part found in a body of human being. It carries out a number of important functions within the human body. So, any brain disease or disorder has to be dealt on an immediate effect. One of the dreaded risks to human body especially for the kids is the brain tumour. So, what are the symptoms of brain tumour, you need to check the following paragraphs. A news of brain tumour in kids is a shocking news. It can really affect your kids and if not treated on right time, it can even end up giving death the victims of the same. However, you can detect brain tumour in your kids with certain symptoms and signs.

Brain Tumor in Children
Learning about brain tumour among kids can be just bad as one can ever imagine especially if your kid happens to be its victim. Paediatric brain tumours can be called as the abnormal growth, which grows up in the brain or over the structures and tissues, which are close to it. There are number of types of brain tumours among kids, which can be both cancerous and noncancerous. The real cause of brain tumour is simply unknown. But the brain tumour among kids can simply occur owing to genetic & environmental factors.
Brain tomor in children
Some diseases can lead to brain tumor
There are number of diseases that can bring in the issue of brain tumours, however, the following three are the common ones:

  •          Neurofibromatosis: This can be a genetic disorder, which hampers the growth of cell in the nervous system.
  •          Von Hippel: Lindau disease, it can be called as an inherited issue, which can causes a number of tumours (both cancerous and noncancerous) types found in the central nervous system.
  •          Li-Fraumeni syndrome: It is a rare inherited genetic disorder that simply increases one’s risk of developing the menace of cancer during their lifetime.
What are the signs of brain tumor in children?
When your kid is known to have brain tumour, he or she would experience the following symptoms as discussed under:

  •          Drowsiness
  •          Headache
  •          Impaired speech
  •          Seizures
  •          Impaired vision
  •          Behavioural changes
  •          Difficulty in swallowing
  •          Sudden vomiting
  •          Poor coordination
  •          Tingling sensation in arms or legs
  •          Difficulty in balancing
  •          Weakness in limb or seen in one side of the body
  •          Increases the head size among infants
These are some of signs of tumours found among kids, however, your child may even find other signs as well, which include fatigue, fever, loss of sleep/too much of sleeping, nausea, loss of appetite, issues with vision, falling, frequent bruising and bleeding from nose to name a few. 

Treatment of brain tumor
President Obama with Brain Tumor children
When it comes to brain tumour treatment for kids, there are several options and some of these are as under:

  •          Craniotomy: In this surgery the skull is cut and then the tumour is removed while it is exposed. This surgery often takes a couple of hours.
  •          Stereotactic Biopsy: This is both a diagnosis option for brain as well a method to get rid of the brain tumour from your kids.
  •          Shunts: This procedure helps in removing the pressure exerted inside the brain of your kid. The presence of pressure inside your brain can be fatal, which can be removed once and all with this procedure.
  •          Microsurgery: It is among a delicate kind of surgery, which can bring in issues like permanent impairments and even deaths.
  •          Mapping: This is part of a treatment, which helps in finding out the affected are inside the brain using different machines like MRI and tomography, etc. 

Low cost brain tumor Treatment and Surgery in India

India is now being recognized as one of the key healthcare destinations particularly brain cancer surgery. A huge amount of global patients all across this planet are seen coming for the low cost brain tumour treatment and surgery in India. The country is sprawled with one of the best brain cancer hospitals, which has one of the best oncologists and health experts known for giving the best treatments for brain tumours in India. Lastly, talking about the cost, the difference comes out to be around 60 to 80 percent. For instance, craniotomy can cost in US around 60,000 USD, while in India it is around 9,000 dollars. Similarly micro surgery in US can cost around 72,000 USD while the same procedure can cost your kid around 12,000 USD. In other words, the low cost brain tumour treatment and surgery in India can easily attract medical tourists from any country.

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Get the Best Surgery Results with Top Spine Surgeons in India

Having a spine surgery can be a difficult option to choose, however, with top spine surgeons in India, the choice of getting free from the back pain goes easily. The spine surgery can easily help in removing the back pain along with improving upon a good amount of symptoms. Generally, the back surgery is often found out as low; however, these can be a serious choice in many ways. Learning about the spine surgery even before you really need can help you in many ways in understanding the number risks and benefits that help in deciding upon the best way. Now, let’s understand how you can get the best surgery results with top spine surgeons as under:

Why spine surgery?
Spine surgery whether neck or back surgery can be called as an advanced treatment choice for disability and pain that is caused by identifiable lesion in the anatomy of the patient, which has not been improved with a couple of non surgical treatment options. In a long list of patients, the spin surgery can be called as the long course of conservative therapy. The complications found in the spine can be a chronic experience and at times it can lead to back, neck and leg pain. When you talk about a number of common ailments found in spine, the options like spine surgery can prove out to be the best treatment choice. With this surgery you can get rid of the conditions like arthritis, sciatica, annual tears, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, scars, degenerative disc disease, etc. 

Getting Ready for Complex Spine Surgery

How Indian Spine surgeons can help you?
With competent spine surgeons, one can get rid of the symptoms found in the spin, which remain to be scary as it may sound. The spine surgery can be both infective and painful if you end up getting an incompetent spine surgeon. Fortunately, India is blessed with highly qualified spine surgeons and doctors, who all are known for the following traits in the world:

The spine surgeons in India are high qualified, their qualifications could be as under

  •          MS in Neuro or orthpedic surgery
  •          MCH in spine surgery
  •          MRCS from highly competitive colleges from abroad
  •          Have global fellowships & training programs
  •          Publications & paper presentations from known scientific forums and healthcare journals
  •          They are known for their wide clinical experience & exposure 

Traits of Spine surgeons in India that makes all the difference
A majority of associate doctors and surgeons are highly qualified and have degrees from top universities and medical institutions based in developed nations like the US, the UK, Europe and other nations all over the world. Similarly, the nursing staff and therapists are highly proficient in English.
India is blessed with one of the best spine specialists from all across the globe with highly experienced and skilled spine surgeons and doctors who are committed and known to cater some of the best services to it medical tourists coming from different places and local patients.
The spine surgeons in India are known to perform some of the complex to simple kind of spinal surgeries with one of the best minimally invasive methods. With this, the surgeons are able to give the best of the results along with giving the least of the pain and discomfort.
Most of the spine hospitals and medical centres in India follow the norms of global agencies like JCI and ISO. In other words, these are recognised and accredited by these prestigious institutions, which speaks volume about the high quality of treatment offered to the local patients and global patients.

Best Spine Surgeon in India Providing Affordable Cost Spine Treatment
Final verdict
For correcting your back and making you free from back pain symptoms and other related issues you need a proper back surgery. With the presence of highly qualified surgeons one can expect to get away from the back pain symptoms the best. That’s been the speciality of Indian spine surgeons, which they have maintained since past so many years while offering spinal surgeries and treatments to both local and global patients.