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Stem Cell Surgery for Multiple Sclerosis in India at an Affordable Cost

Stem cell surgery for multiple sclerosis is a very delicate surgical process. The patients of stem cell transplants require utmost care with respect to both emotionally and physically. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is a very reputed medical tourism company in India that offers world-class medical facilities from skilled surgeons and advanced spine surgery hospitals accessible to abroad patients looking for an affordable price medical treatment.

Introduction to stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy is an advanced surgical technique that aims at replacement of diseased or damaged cells with healthy functioning cells. Even though these techniques are relatively new yet their applications and advantages are numerous and surprising. Stem cell transplant has amazed the medical world with every its new researches. Stem cells are generally taken from the bone marrow or human umbilical cord. These basic replicated cells are called as the fundamental cells of our body, they have the power to develop into any type of tissue cells inside the human body. 
 Stem cell treatment works on the principle that the cells travel to the site of injury and convert themselves to form new tissue cells to replace the damaged cells. Stem cells have the power to proliferate and renew themselves to form mature blood cells, nerve cells and muscle cells. In this type of therapy, stem cells are derived from the body, they are kept under artificial conditions where they get matured into cells that are needed to heal a particular part of the body or disease.

Stem Cell Therapy In India

Stem cell treatment is one of the most latest regenerative surgical therapies. Stem cell surgery for multiplesclerosis in India is available at a very affordable cost at hospitals of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Kinds of stem cell therapies

There are two kinds of stem cell therapies:-

1)    Allogenic stem cell therapy:- This therapy uses donated stem cells and faces risk of rejection by donor stem cell.

2)    Autologous stem cell therapy:-This stem cell therapy uses the stem cells of the patient itself. These cells are obtained from the bone marrow or blood of the patient.  

Why choose India for stem cell surgery?
India has successfully assumed the status of a reliable and favorable medical destination for stem cell surgeries. Each year hundreds of international patients from all over the world travel to India for superb quality of medical treatment that is at par with developed nations like the USA, Canada and UK, at a very affordable cost. The Hospitals in India have the most extensive surgical and medical scanning facilities including Asia’s most progressive MRI and CT scanning technology. India provides services of the most skilled doctors and surgeons. Stem cell therapy professionals provide surgery to their patients at a reasonable cost budget in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Understand medical tourism corporation India in Better way

Medical tourism in India
 Medical tourism is an ancient practice growing year by year, in order to get quality of treatment in good medical centers, people travel to another country to obtain healthcare services. The terms used for medical tourism are health care visit, medical travel, global healthcare. The growth of medical tourists in India is witness for the class of services available at Indian hospitals for every small to atrocious disorders. Indian medical facilities prove to be best destination allowing to save a substantial amount.

Medical tourism corporation India has many Benefits. They are

·       Waiting lines in western countries are long but In India the consultancy schedules the appointment before the arrival of foreign patient.

·       Cost saving of about half the amount to be spent in home country.

·       Best medical facilities in India at fraction of cost

·       Experienced doctors and surgeons

·       Full fledged hospitals with latest technological instruments.

·       Top class staff, well trained for proper nursing care

·        No language barrier in India as English is well known in India.

·       Exotic vacation visit to incredible India.
The medical tourism corporation India is ensuring the maintenance of standards, by accrediting hospitals for international level. Accreditation is awarded on the basis of services including healthcare, doctors, infrastructure, equipments and staff members. The JCI, an international non-profit body certifies the hospital in foreign countries and to become the member of JCI associated hospitals, the health institutes maintain high quality of facilities matching their services. The protocols for treatment process is followed and norms are equalize to gain the trust and confidence of patients coming to India.
The money spend in India for treatment purpose is mere a fraction of amount one will spend in home town for identical services. For a good state of body one needs to take some struggle resourcing the exemplary facilities in medical fraternity. Dheeraj Bojwani group of Medical Tourism Corporation India will guide in selecting the treatment plans.

Dheeraj Bojwani consultants are working with an experience of over an decade, giving facility of advanced treatment planning, visa invites, hospitalizations, managing other needs of foreign patients. The team offers a safe and secure surgery destination in affordable price. The team supports the patient emotionally as well as mentally to fight the smallest or dreadful disease with ease. The team in India for patient while on treatment become family and reward wonderful experience.

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Computer Assisted Surgery India For exact and accurate placement assistance in bone replacements

Computer Assisted surgery

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants having expert team members provides consultancy service for the people who need medical treatment guidance.  It is their profession to help people to get good medical treatment at lowest possible prices.  They provide a comparison chart for the people along with the facilities available in India and cost for the same treatment in their country.  Cost of all medical services is lesser by 70 to 80% in India with an excellent quality and standard par with their countries.  Therefore to get treatment in India is the best option; it saves lot of money for the patients.

India is a country where all the arts and science forms has reached its culmination.  It is a country where medicine originated; first ever known surgery has been done in ancient India.  In an ancient Ayurvedic epic “Charaka Samhita” various types of surgical instruments used in surgery has been mentioned.  Along with surgical instruments, the method of preparation and sanitizing the area where surgery has to be performed is explained elaborately.  No doubt in India people always work hard to excel in their chosen field.  Low Cost Computer Assisted surgery India is performed to place the joints and bones exactly in their places so that patients after recovery should not feel any type of discomfort or pain in the area where bone are fixed by surgeons.  The CAS is done to gain accurate and precise placement of bone fixing.  By performing the computer assisted surgery patients do not feel any types of uneasiness or uncomforting feeling after recovery.  He should feel quite normal and self after recover and should feel as natural he was before accident or before fracture.  

It is quite interesting to note doctors should be extremely expert to perform some surgeries.  Only those doctors who are expert and experienced can perform such surgeries.  It is necessary for them to have entire knowledge over the capacity and functioning of computers so that they can be taken to assist the surgery.  By using special probes attached on the body of the patients, they assist by tracking the correct placement by using a technology of using infrared rays.  It is extremely beneficial in placing the knee or hip bone joint or replacement implants so that exact position can be located.  In other words one can say this as image guided surgery where surgeons get timely assistance through computer in conducting a surgery along with other assistants. 

Usage of modern technology in the field of medicine increasing day by day making surgeon to perform surgeries more precise and accurate yielding very good results and the success rates has been increased enormously.  More than ever patients are getting benefits and they can walk and do things as they were earlier before bones get dislocated or fractured due to injuries.  There are good numbers of hospitals in India almost in every major city.  Important thing is to choose the best hospital India so that one can be rest assured that they are going to get good service and extremely good standard facilities and superior treatment for the patients. 

One can take the help of Dheeraj Bojwani consultancy so that they can get best possible help through medical tourism company so that patients can save money, get excellent treatment and sightseeing bonanza before surgery along with their family.